Displacement Tracking Matrix - DTM

The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) is a system to track and monitor displacement and population mobility, provide critical information to decision-makers and responders during crises, and contribute to better understandings of population flows. DTM is used across various stages of a humanitarian response – commonly during the emergency phase to inform planning and assistance and to inform preparedness activities or transition and recovery programming. Implementation may support clusters or another stakeholder with targeted information needs, or may be intended to contribute to common services and coordination more broadly, as well as facilitating coordination and information sharing with local, national, and regional authorities. 

DTM includes four standard components – each comprising various tools and methods – that can be applied, adapted and combined as relevant for a particular context. The standard components are: (i) mobility tracking; (ii) flow monitoring; (iii) registration and (iv) surveys. 

In the East and Horn of Africa, DTM is implemented in 6 countries: Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda. With 54 professional staff, more than 9,200 key informants and more than 1,200 enumerators, DTM has the widest coverage of primary data collection on internal displacement and migration that is made available to Governments, humanitarian and development partners in a systematic and regular manner and in compliance with IOM Data Protection Principles. Additionally, the Regional Office for the East and Horn of Africa, in coordination with IOM Headquarters, ensures quality control and produces regional analysis and information products to ensure broader and more relevant use of data. 

For more information on DTM please contact dtmronairobi@iom.int or visit: https://www.globaldtm.info/