Integrated Border Management

As the leading intergovernmental organization in the field of migration, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is increasingly called upon by States to assist in addressing complex border management challenges.

The Immigration and Border Management (IBM) Team, consisting of a core group of specialists with substantial technical expertise and strong border management experience, posted to strategic locations in the field as well as in IOM headquarters, has been established to offer guidance and expertise to governments aspiring to improve their migration, border management and operational procedures.

IBM activities in the region are directed at helping governments create policy, legislation, administrative structures, and operational systems and provide the human resources necessary to respond effectively to diverse migration challenges and to institute appropriate migration governance.

Such activities are designed in partnership with the requesting government and other relevant interlocutors working closely with the IBM Team to identify needs, determine priority areas, and shape and deliver interventions.  

We are currently offering support to a number of dedicated thematic areas in the region of East Africa and the Horn.

Current project activities include: completing border assessments (Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan), Capacity building for migration management (Somalia, Rwanda, Uganda), Training program development Identity management (Kenya), data management, biometrics support and risk analysis (Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya), visa policy development (Djibouti), integrated border management (Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda), transnational organized crime and counter migrant smuggling (Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Ethiopia) and humanitarian border management (Burundi, Tanzania).