Regional Data Hub | RDH

Established in early 2018, the East and Horn of Africa Regional Data Hub (RDH) aims to support evidence-based, strategic and policy-level discussion on migration through a combined set of initiatives that aim to build on IOM’s extensive migration portfolio in the East and Horn of Africa region. These include:

  1. Establishing a baseline for regional migration flows by strengthening the operationalization of existing data collection modules and expanding their reach to better capture the various types of mixed migration movements and their respective characteristics.
  2. Increasing information management capacity across countries to strengthen data consolidation and quality control.  
  3. Conducting mixed migration research to publish timely and relevant reports and trend analyses relating, in particular, to the vulnerabilities of populations on the move, emerging mixed migration trends and other migration-related topics of immediate interest to both programmatic and policy-level stakeholders.
  4. Engaging key governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to ensure the effective collection, use and analysis of data to enhance regional policy and strategic-level discussions on migration through regular dissemination events and consultations. This includes expanding the outreach of regional migration-related data and analyses through the creation of an online data portal through which all actors can access data and products quickly and in easily digestible, user-friendly formats.


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